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MindAheaD was born in 2010 by the will of guitarist Nicola D’Alessio (ex Hellrageand Athena). After a couple of line-up changes, the current line-up consists of Kyo Calati (female voice), Sandro Macelloni (male voice, backing vocals and keyboards), Guido Scibetta (guitar), Matteo Prandini (bass) and Matteo Ferrigno (drums). The idea is to merge different aspects, sometimes opposite, of human feeling, bringing them together in a colorful and personal musical proposal, which has its roots in influences ranging from prog 70s to death metal. The name itself already suggests the paradigmatic and multifaceted nature of the band, with a play on words between MIND (thought) and HEAD (anatomy), “MIND-AHEAD” mind projected forward as opposed to the irrational madness (M.A.D. capitalized in the logo).With this line-up MindAheaD define the songs that will compose in November 2016 their first studio work entitled “Reflections”, released under the Roman label Revalve Records. A concept album, which, imagining a dystopian future, deals with the themes of the human mind and its many facets. The live promotion of the album will bring MindAheaD to play in several clubs of the peninsula alongside bands such as Jinjer, Vision Divine, Deathless Legacy, Domine, Pino Scotto, to compete with a mini tour in Spain and again alongside Jinjer at the Goat Metal Fest in Croatia. The response of the public is immediately very good and the band receives many positive reviews from webzines and specialized magazines.Now the band’s second studio work is coming out: once again a concept album, with a complex, personal and unusual sound, conceived as a continuation of the previous work, which will tell us the story of 6119, the main character, through a surreal, oneiric journey, always poised between physical space and the realm of the mind.



…On The Dead Snow


The Mask Through The Looking Glass

Mind Control



Live Carpi

On the Dead Snow @Traffic Live Roma
Remain Intact – @Traffic Live Roma




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